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Architecture is experienced through scale, proportion, and soul.

The Vitruvius Man by Leonardo da Vinci and the Modular by LeCorbusier, are drawings that depict the correlation of ideal human proportions with geometry, nature and architecture.

Under the precept that the workings of the human body are to be an analogy for the workings of the (mathematical) universe; I have created a three dimensional model depicting man inside a cube, sphere and tetrahedron. All three geometric forms as well as the man fit together and share the same center point. My man was created neither for scale nor proportion purposes, but rather for the connection with oneself, nature, and the built environment. Great architecture relates to how man fits into the built environment and how the places we inhabit can affect our thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

All good design should have balance and some sort of repetition. The parts have to have harmony and scale, and be able to fit and flow together while keeping comfortable proportions. Proportions of a design relating to human scale reflects the desire of humans to feel personally connected to their built environment (buildings and spaces), which ultimately leads to the psychology of mind and space, and how the user experiences his or her environment.